Goals are accomplished through hard work and great discipline. Discipline is choosing what matters most over what you want now. Whether it’s in life or investing it’s often the individuals that have the strength to say No!

Say No to Comfort

To grow you have to stretch for things.  It’s rarely comfortable. You have to develop the ability to be effective in discomfort. In most cases to step toward your destiny you have to  first step away from your security. You have to risk who you are for what you can be.

Say No to Negative People

The person who has never done anything isthe one who is sure it can’t be done.You only have so much energy.Get rid of the naysayers and peoplethat only “take from you” and drain your tank. Surround yourself with people thatbring out the best in you, not the worst.It is impossible to live the right lifewith the wrong friends.

Say No to Jealousy

Jealousy can destroy you if you don’t kill it.When you are fulfilling your purposein life you are happy when others are fulfilling theirs.

Say No to Mediocrity

You weren’t put on this Earth to be average, so stop thinking like everyone else.

Say No to Giving Up

Keep working hard no matter your current situation. When you start doing the small things right, doors will open to bigger opportunities. Every day, people rise up from incredible hardship & prove they aren’t a product of their circumstances, they are a product of their decisions. The power to endure is the winner’s quality. You learn from the journey, not your achievements. You learn that if you don’t give up you win. And that will stay with you a lifetime.

Say No to Talking and Overthinking. Say Yes to Doing.

Most people talk too much and do too little. It’s great that you can talk a good game. It’s great that you read 1,000 books last year, and you have an IQ of 160. It’s all useless unless you apply what you learn to your life, business, family, charity, friendships, etc. Stop overthinking everything. The reason why the kid with a 90 IQ is outperforming you is because he/she wasn’t afraid to take the first step and figure it out as they went. Find a problem, cause, or issue that bugs you. Chances are it annoys a lot of other people. Don’t just sit there and complain about it. Do something about it. Now.


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