To suffer to build, to build not only calluses in one’s own hands but also and above all to have calluses in the brain.

Sometimes the best thing that can happen to you in life is not to be helped. If you have to look for help look for it in a goal because the uniqueness of having a purpose is the ability that has to transform you. It is not a matter of finding motivation; motivation comes and goes and this is the criticality especially if the motivation decides to leave in a moment of loss of self-esteem, in one of those moments in which you blame God, or something in which you believe or find a culprit for your misfortunes or failures .

If you have a goal you are guided and anything you can find before complicating your path, you will overwhelm.

Swimming, Pedaling, Running, I become mentally harder, I build calluses. I do not train for a race, I train for life. I train my brain, my body and my spirit to make them become a whole. I train to compete with myself not with others, I train to not  be fearful by the reflection in the mirror, because overcome the fear of reflection on the other side we find our true greatness.

I train to be able to manage what life will put me in front of me, because for now life has put before me many obstacles. If you are not physically and mentally ready, you will collapse.

SUFFERING is a test … nothing more! Greatness is not winning a race, greatness is not having a flaming and expensive car, controlling or exercising power over others. Greatness is knowing how to create a vision in our mind, it is to have a direction because only with the vision and direction in our mind we will question ourselves and we will realize something great: CHANGE.

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