Father & Daughter

Father just wants you to be happy– He doesn’t care if you are a bit podgy, hate makeup or not particularly fashionable- he just wants you to be happy and healthy and really that should be everyone’s life goal.

Father is the best judge of boyfriends– If he doesn’t get on with them then they are probably not the right guy for you. He can spot someone who is with you for the wrong reasons a mile off.

Father is your go to guy for advice– He may not tell you what to do but he will tell you what he would do and nine times out of ten you follow in his footsteps because he always makes fair choices.

Father is your friend– You may not be able to talk to him about everything (*girly stuff*) but certainly 95% of your life you can share with him. There is no need for secrets between you.

Daughter you can be honest– If he wants the truth from you, you give it to him and vice versa. You trust each other to tell it how it is.

Father is diplomatic– If you are arguing with your partner, your mother or a friend- he tries to make you see it from their side so you don’t get absorbed by your own emotions and become blind to theirs.

Father is good with money– If you need advice on how to save money- he can be your personal financial advisor if you ask him to be. He has been reigning in your mother’s spending for years so he’s an expert at cutting back.

Father won’t let you embarrass yourself– If you are getting a bit too drunk- he will take you to one side and tell you you have probably reached your limit. You are grateful for this after every heavy drinking session at family get togethers.

Father is non-judgemental– You are younger than him and are bound to make the same mistakes as he did, as well as some new ones too. Because of this, he is able to remind you that every mishap is a lesson learned.

Father is there for you unconditionally- If you are in the right or the wrong– he will be there in a blink of any eye because he’s your Dad and he loves you no matter what.


Father LOVE YOU DARLING !!! xxx

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