The feet  lickers  create a distortion of reality. Do not be a feet licker !

Most people who have a minimum of work experience or in any kind of organizational context, certainly will have already come across some sneaky feet licker.  When people are hired in a large company, or involved in any extended group, we are immediately educated about the strategic organization of the company, the association, etc. (in the long term). In this strategic plan, there are objectives, indicators, mission, vision and values. These artifacts in principle serve to make the newcomer believe that the organization has a model of control and management. It is very important that managers have good indicators, goals and goals to achieve. This is why companies generally divide their strategic map into 4 standard areas:

  • financial – result
  • internal process
  • customer
  • training and growth

Here comes the difficult question: of these 4, which really is the most valued by companies? In the event of a conflict between the 4 areas, which one has priority?

All the indicators of an organization pass through a single node: the RESULTS. In a company the only item measured on a monthly basis is in fact the turnover. The other indicators, however, such as employee satisfaction, are measured on an annual basis. If the goals to be achieved are smart and the managers are competent (evaluated objectively), surely good results will be achieved. If, on the other hand, the results do not arrive as well, surely they will be able to understand the real causes and adopt the corrective strategies and thus have superior performances. However, when managerial skills are lacking, managers will have to find other forms of survival in the Organization, one of these forms is the use of the feet licker !

In a company in which the culture of “feet lickr” thrives, results tend to decrease more and more over time! This happens because the best professionals lose the sacred fire of motivation when there is no meritocracy and consequently go in search of another job. From some statistics it emerges that most of the requests for discharge takes place because the employee is resigning from the incompetent executive and not necessarily from the company.


  • they create intrigues and feed discord by using chatter.
  • they praise and treat without reason;
  • violate the principle of confidentiality by reporting information of a private nature.
  • defend their leaders indiscriminately.
  • they continually seek privileges and benefits.
  • manipulate and be manipulated.

Therefore, the main disservice offered by the feet lickers is the following: to create a distorted picture of reality.

When executives produce good results they are valued. What happens with those who do not produce? They need some other form of exploitation to survive, and for this they use the men who, in exchange for benefits, give support to decisions useful only to the personal interests of the manager and not the company, these decisions are more political than technical.

Technical decisions produce technical results. Political decisions produce political results.

A constant sum of praise can create a false feeling of security and intelligence, as people seem to always agree with their point of view. In this way it will always be satisfied with distorted information that often does not reflect the seriousness and urgency of real problems. The minions are looking for benefits. Executives who work with meritocracy do not tolerate the lickers. In addition to the ethical issue and prejudice to the performance of T.E.A.M., the lickers are not reliable, are engaged in a climb to power costs whatever the cost. In the same way that they flatter they can pull the rug from under their feet when it will no longer be useful.

Free the Organizations from the lickers !!!

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